Cute Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Is your little bundle of joy just a few weeks away? Well, we would recommend you to enjoy your pregnancy cravings as much as guilty free as you can because as soon as the little one arrives you are going to feel health conscious and would want to cut away. Here we have a few very delicious slogans which you can use as the baby shower cake Dubai and double the fun.

  • Kid shoes

If you and your family love to go on little adventure then you are surely going to want to take your newborns on them as well. Find yourself a cake delivery online who will deliver you little pairs of cake shoes which you can take on delicious adventure with your loved ones on the baby shower.

  • Onesie cake

This is the simplest yet prettiest cake which you can opt for. All you have to do is ask for a rectangular cake and tint the topping with the desired colour. Layer out the topping colour on the onesie and if you want it, you can also make it a gender reveal cake. This requires the minimum effort and you can also make it at home but for perfection get it done from outside.

  • Let them sleep on

The idea behind this cake is to capture the little ones during their beauty sleeps. This cake does the same by adding the topping of the cake with a tiny little baby sleeping. Baby is usually made out of fondants and the little intricate details are supposed to be marked by the edible marker. You can either splurge out the words ‘let them sleep on’ across the sleeping baby or let the audience guess the idea.

  • The toy cake

No we are talking about a real cake which looks like a toy, not a toy which looks like the cake. The whole idea behind this cake is to be edible. You can either have lots of different toys around or one single funny toy looking cake. Top it off with a rattle and the idea will be as original as it ever gets.

Choose which ever you like and make sure you are enjoying your baby shower to the fullest. With the perfect cake, you are sure to add that amazing bit of sweetness to your event!