Everything To Know About Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable oxygen concentrators in UAE are portable devices that deliver oxygen to patients through an inhaler or a nasal cannula. The devices usually have a battery that can be charged using an AC outlet. Alternatively, some of these devices can be operated directly by battery power.

Pulse flow:

A pulse flows portable oxygen concentrator is one of the lightest, most portable oxygen therapy devices on the market. Its pulse dose technology helps deliver oxygen more efficiently while eliminating wastage. Its small size and lightweight design make it an excellent choice for active people who need oxygen therapy on the go.

Portable oxygen concentrators are very reliable and come with warranties. The manufacturer will either replace or repair a malfunctioning device within a certain period. This is a common feature in many electronic devices and is a good idea when considering the purchase of a portable oxygen concentrator. Most reputable manufacturers offer a three-year warranty as standard, and most also offer extended warranties.

Continuous flow:

A Continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator is one of the most popular portable oxygen machines available today. With the right battery, users can be on the go for up to 10 hours between recharges. Some models have a longer battery life, while others are more compact and lightweight. Battery life is also an important consideration if you intend to leave your unit unattended for extended periods or frequently use it at home.


Portable oxygen concentrators are usually heavy devices, which can be cumbersome to carry. The weight of a portable concentrator should be taken into consideration when deciding which type to purchase. Most concentrators weigh forty to fifty pounds, and a portable concentrator should be lighter than a 40-pound one.

Battery life:

The battery life of your portable oxygen concentrator is an important factor to consider. While a full battery can last a long time, it may not always be enough to supply you with oxygen for a full day. For this reason, it’s important to charge the battery completely before storing it. It’s also helpful to rotate the batteries in the concentrator to give them maximum life. Finally, it’s best to store your concentrator in a dark, cool place.