5 Facts About Ceramic Coatings For Cars In 2022

A ceramic coating on your car’s exterior provides appropriate protection against UV rays. These chemical solutions are easy to maintain and clean. They also help regulate inside temperature. However, when it comes to ceramic coatings in Dubai for cars, there are many misconceptions. For starters, they are not all created equal. This article will discuss their benefits, cost, and comparison with car wax. Also, we’ll discuss their chemical resistance.


The durability of ceramic coatings for cars will depend on how they are applied and maintained. A ceramic coating can last as long as three years if applied properly. One of the best options for coating a vehicle is the sonaxnano-coating, which offers superior protection against UV rays, road chemicals, and water. This product meets the highest hardness rating and has a low curing time. Once applied, it provides a film of paint protection over the vehicle’s body and wheels.

Comparison with car wax

Ceramic coatings are an excellent option for car owners looking for paint protection. Not only are they cheaper than traditional car wax, but they also last much longer. They also offer better protection against the elements.

Chemical resistance

There are several benefits to ceramic coatings for cars. One of the most obvious benefits is the chemical resistance they offer. These coatings are designed to protect the paint on the entire car. While conventional wax and sealants protect the paint, ceramic coatings are far more resistant and harder to scratch. Additionally, they are much less porous than conventional waxes, making them less likely to be damaged by airborne chemicals, tree sap, and road salt, and UV rays.

Resistant to UV rays

One of the benefits of using a ceramic coating on your car is that it protects it from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. However, the coating does not prevent you from washing your car regularly. It will make the process much easier. Because liquids and grime are less likely to adhere to the coating, you can get a cleaner-looking car faster.


Cars with ceramic coatings are more water-resistant than their conventional counterparts. Their increased hydrophobicity is largely due to improvements in the protective coating process. The higher the number, the more water the ceramic coating will repel.